Provoq is your independent marketing & business sparring partner.

Our collaboration modes.

There are different ways on how Provoq can support your organisation. Below are the different modes on how Provoq can create added value. Let us know what challenge you have. That way we can discuss which approach is suitable for your situation.

Agency mode

Deliver Provoq your (creative) marketing briefing and we will get the right people together in order to deliver powerful, relevant and eye-catching marketing deliverables. In time. We act as your communication agency that knows your organisation inside-out.

External consultancy mode

Provoq loves being your independent sparring partner when the need arises. Do you have a particular marketing challenge that you want to tackle? Or would you like to get insight into a specific topic? In that case Provoq supports you a few days per week or we organize a specific workshop for your teams.

Internal consultancy mode

When larger and more high-level strategic marketing projects need to be properly initiated and executed, a closer and more intense collaboration is often required. Provoq can therefore seamlessly “click” into your marketing department to help get your projects shipped to your audience. Provoq will become a member of your marketing department for e.g. a period of several months.

The Provoq values.

Values for us are sacred. We live and die by these cornerstones of doing open, transparent and value creating business. We only work for clients that share these values or are open to adopting them. 


Transparency in sharing information, feedback or opinions is vital for us. Not only to be your proper communication partner, but in the end to get that result everybody wants to see.


We always aim to be critical and constructive towards all our stakeholders. Being critical and speaking up is what makes us Provoq. Always with supporting arguments. No BS allowed.


Things need to look good. Really good. Because good design enables what your brand or product is made to do. To convey a story without having to tell it. Ideally, form should always follow function.


We want to make this whole marketing thing FUN. Because in the end it is! Together, we are able to combine products, design, data and human beings into one. How frickin' cool is that?!

Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is an essential methodology to design solutions with your end-users (read: humans) always in mind. Design Thinking is about first living and breathing the context of a certain problem. By diverging information and then converging them into insights. Then diverging the insights into a lot of ideas. Lastly it is about designing solutions based on these ideas. Hereby quickly protoyping: failing faster in order to launch better.

Let's talk.
Let's provoq.