About provoq

Thinking, Making & Marketing.

At Provoq we believe that great ideas can only be achieved by first provoking a discussion. By stirring up some dust. By disagreeing. By letting you see the world from a different perspective. By asking questions and not being afraid of the answers.

We design 
Customer Experiences.

Provoq helps you create business driven Customer Experiences. Not only in order to sell, but much more: to create engaging customer relationships. To be able to do this, we will put on their shoes. What makes your audience tick? Only then we are able to develop a thorough digital or branding strategy, market your product or organisation and roll out your marketing channels. Ready to move forward?

Your independent sparring partner.

See Provoq as your marketing + business sparring partner. Indeed, not a consultant but a partner. Preparing you for any marketing, business or communication fight that your organization faces. We will connect the dots from a fresh perspective. See our collaboration modes.

Living & breathing your business.

We can only provide value when we immerse ourselves in your business. By getting inside the head of your audience and internal departments. As a result, we are able to deliver relevant marketing strategies, tactics and deliverables that are designed for your customer.

Simplifying the complex.

Provoq is ready to tackle any difficult communication challenge that lies ahead. Turning complexity into simplicity. Transforming assumptions into knowledge. Converting insights into actions.


Design Thinking.

Our preferred modus operandi is the Design Thinking methodology. Diving deep into your business context in order to generate relevant ideas that stick out. Quickly build, measure and learn. Failing faster in order to launch better. Always with your end consumer in mind.

Single Point Of Contact.

Provoq is able to quickly move across competencies because we work with a large pool of highly dependable partners, freelancers and suppliers. From design to copywriting to printing to web development: Provoq remains your Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) which oversees the strategy, planning, quality and alignment of the different channels.


Provoq Services

So, that all sounds really nice, but where does the rubber meet the road? Well, Provoq has gained significant expertise by working with local VC’d start-ups to multinational companies. Therefore, understanding a wide range of business dynamics.This is how we can help you:

Marketing & Communication Strategy

First thinking, then doing. Ideally the first step is to get your strategy straight. Provoq helps you to adjust or create an intelligent and business driven strategy. One that encompasses your entire business eco-system.


Branding is the "sauce" of your organisation & product. It should immediately tell your story without people even having to read anything. It should convey your purpose, mission & added-value in a blink of an eye.


Provoq is able to guide you through the immense complex world of the digital realm. Developing a ROI driven online marketing strategy, your next corporate website or a progressive web app, we build it.


Want your team to gain insights on a certain topic? Learn about the latest marketing & communication trends? Want to challenge the status quo? In 1-day+ workshops, Provoq quickly broadens your vision.


"It's easy to dream about it, but much harder to execute it." This is where the rubber meets the road. Where strategy and marketing channels align. From radio, television to digital, Provoq synergizes your campaign.

Merchandising & POS

Got an event where you want to impress? Organizing a fair where you want people to remember you afterwards? Looking to produce a brochure to storytell your business? Provoq guides this process for you.

Proof is in the pudding.

Roy Verduijn, the driver behind Provoq, has previously successfully helped organisations ranging from start-ups to multinationals. From the cycling industry to retail and automotive, companies Roy has successfully guided companies like:

Douwe Egberts, Trane HVAC Services & Systems (Ingersoll Rand Group), Shimano, TK Hockey, Medtronic, Mylène Beauty & Home, Donaldson Filtration company, Dupont Nemours (Kevlar brand), Keesing Group (Denksport brand), Ridley Bikes, Carglass, Carpetright, A. Vogel, StepStone, Keyence, Rajapack, Rameder and many more.